The Eastern Art of  

Fine Leather



Leather is exported to all over the World.

Our company was established in 1969, primarily for production of high quality Cow & Buffalo finished Leather for Export. The ample experience and know how accumulated through the years from generation to generation, applied with refined and sophisticated technology is reflected in the superb quality of our products. Today, our quality products are used in the manufacture of footwear, upholstery, hand bags & small leather goods all over the world. We are supplying our finished leather to major brands of the world. We are ISO 9001:2000 & ISO 14001:1996 certified.

Main Tannery & Finishing Section

In Consideration of our excellent export performance we were awarded the Export Trophy by the Government of Pakistan, a mark of appreciation of our quality products by valued foreign customers all over the world.

Our Brand

Our stalls at Asia Pacific Leather Fair Hong Kong

Our Stall at Hong Kong Leather Fair

Our stalls at Lineapelle Bologna